TWID Mosaics

Let the Dude Art consume you...

Thunder Skunk

Skunk in a sky full of thunder
You've been... Thunder Skunk!

Da Grizzle Bear

Grizzly bear sitting atop steak fat
Always keep an eye on your steak fat

The Don Baylor

Don Baylor in a cubs uniform in stained glass windows
This should anger the gods

The StacheSquatch

Sasquatch wearing a mustache
He's been seen by two people:  A dead guy from Tacoma, and Frank Zappa

Marble Head

Marble on someones head. Tuxedo, bow tie, marble slab.
He never takes his friends for granite

American Horse Story

American Flag, US, USA, Red, white, blue. Horse. Brown stallion
This might be the most moving picture of all time

The Tiki Barber

A barber cutting hair in a tiki bar. Tiki Barber
These might exist in remote areas


The Return of Thunder Skunk

A skunk head in a sky of thunder
Who says thunder doesn't strike twice?

Long live Kirk Herbstreit!

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