Mobile Home Desire

Love always finds a way. A mystical, empowering, and in some instances purely fictional and unrequited force that strikes most of us from time to time. Love creates feelings of euphoria, it creates made-for-TV drama, and it emerges whenever and wherever. It reveals the true character of some people, and makes others act completely opposite of who they are. It bends rules, breaks down barriers, and inevitably adjusts the progression of events in our lives. The nature of love is no stranger to The Guthrie Municipal Mobile Home Community, and this modular subdivision could do nothing to escape these flaming darts of Love.

Robbie and Bobbie Jo were separated by a mere fourteen mobile home property lines. Robbie the son of a once famous circus act, and Bobbie Jo, the daughter of a possible 1 of 3 candidates, had met during a hot summer night under the awning of a seafoam green trailer just 15 years previous. Fate had brought them together that humid midsummer's night, and after Bobbie Jo had bore seven of Robbie's children, she knew that they had found true love. Evidence of their resilient love was overwhelmingly obvious.

Ever since Bobbie Jo received a clutched handful of Dandelions from Robbie, she knew that he was quite possibly the one for her. He was the one man in her life that she could have relations with and not anticipate having to make a daytime talkshow tour. He was the screen to her door, he was the rusty railing to her porch, he was the microwave to her lean pockets, he was the vinyl to her siding, more than any other man, he was just so much more.

The median length of their front lawn grass blades hovered on the order of 15-17 inches. Raccoons had a stronghold in their crawlspace. Their tin roof was in desperate need of rustproofing. None of this however, mattered in the slightest degree to neither Robbie nor Bobbie Jo since they were so enamored in each other. Their desire unable to be fully quenched, their unfailing committment to each other being stronger than a van der Waals interaction.

I'm Sorry, Honey

When Robbie and Bobbie Jo had finally moved in together, they had come to realize that they owned nineteen cats and one dog. There was Whiskers and Cueball, Sir Paws-a-Lot, Strawberry, Bearcat, and Muffin. Whiskers begot Mister Meow, who begot Junebug, who was the proud mother of a litter of eleven kittens, all of which regarded their Great Cat Grandma with the highest regard. Then there was the dog, Rascal. Rascal was part Collie, part Australian Shepard, part Chow Chow, part English Bulldog, part Rottweiler, part Irish Setter, and half Cocker Spaniel. The tasks of animal husbandry became quite the endeavor, and about 40 percent of the needs were met. The litterbox was seldomly empty in the trailer house of Robbie and Bobbie Jo. Robbie frequently oiled the hinges on the privacy flap at the entry of the litterbox due to all of the cat traffic. Yet still another job out of the labor of Love.

The rugged asphalt landscape of the Guthrie Municipal Mobile Community has always been known to be home to a rough and tough crowd. Apparently, Robbie and Bobbie Jo never received that message. With their hearts afire, and their 7 kid, 19 cat, and solo dog contingent, Robbie and Bobbie Jo were able to handle even the most devastating stares glared by the other residents of the GMMC. Shielding themselves from complaints by the child protection agency, and various environmental groups, Robbie and Bobbie Jo stayed strong with the help of frequent unprotected lovemaking, complete ignorance to reality, and a complete surrender to apathy.

Robbie and Bobbie Jo had an overabundance of plastic cutlery. Spoons, knives, forks, and sporks littered their inner dwelling. Years of fast food establishment plundering was the main cause for this plasticware surplus. Many pieces in which, were still wrapped together with a napkin in a clear plastic sleeve. To supplement their plasticware hoarding, Bobbie Jo displayed her porcelain posessing prowess. Arguably the most prevalent of the inedible items in the home of Robbie and Bobbie Jo, were the dolls from Bobbie Jo's highly intratrailer ranked doll collection. These picturesque porcelain people anointed the uppermost plywood shelving which lined the inside of the trailer.

When things aren't disgusting, they're terrifying

Lacking a dental plan, but not lacking a joint bottomless heart of love, Robbie and Bobbie Jo stuck together through several marital stumbling blocks. Always finding ways to rekindle their lust, Robbie and Bobbie Jo eventually became the talk of the trailer park. From tire burning bonfires, to the bimonthly park meetings in the local double-wide, Robbie and Bobbie Jo were usually topic number one of conversation. Envy, scrutiny, and amazement were feelings in constant shuffle as these bimonthly meetings progressed. How did Robbie and Bobbie Jo do it? How did they support 7 kids, 19 cats, and a muttweiler on marginal employment? Just yet another testament to the power of Love.

When their 7th child was born, it was time to make a critical decision. Should they mount their mobile home on a permanent foundation and expand? Or should they look into bigger, yet still modular housing? Robbie checked the freshest newspaper from the top of the pile that gathered on their front porch, and skimmed the classifieds for anything that could meet their housing prerequisites. Much to his surprise, nothing could quite satisfy them like the mobile trailer they had called a home ever since their first night together under the same tin roof. It was then settled, Robbie and Bobbie Jo would continue to expand on the inside, but remain in the same home as viewed from the outside. Continuing their course through life, consummating their love by accumulating offspring, fending off social norms through unintelligible indifference, Robbie and Bobbie Jo continued to be an exemplary example of the inordinate strength of true Love.