Dude Or Not Dude? February Edition

Welcome to the world's best premature pop culture analysis for February 2013!

At This Week In Dude, we specialize in prematurity, take pride in our haste, and learn to not sweat the petty things and embrace the sweaty things.

Speaking of said things that make us sweaty between our collars and our neck hair, here is the latest installment of Dude Or Not Dude, in which we settle some of the world's greatest Dudebates once and for all...

Here's the scale (from least Dude to most Dude):

1. Definitely Not Dude

2. Not Really All That Dude

3. Beyonce Knowles' Thigh Mass

4. Dude

5. Duuuuude!

Deer Antler Spray

Deer Antler spray has been used by bodybuilders and pro athletes, sometimes illegally

During media day prior to the 47th annual advertisement revenue bowl, Ray Lewis was accused of not only using spray derived from deer antler velvet, but also for not knowing how to initially use it. TWID thinks he is telling the world a buck-faced lie, but Ray Lewis is willing to do anything to win, even if it means possibly sacrificing integrity in order to not derail the mission his team was on. If he lied, he lied well, not acting like a deer in headlights. But it doesn't really "behoove" TWID to carry out more than an opinionated insight. Instead, let's change the focus to the fact that you can distill deer antler into a spray, and then make massive gains... all without the side-effect that we all fear most... growing antlers from our head.


Lazy Cat leaning back on sofa, looks like he's about to sleep

4. Dude

Superbowl XLVII Halftime Show

Superbowl halftime show, fireworks, Beyonce, Jay-Z, bad music, Tom Petty, performances

The lighting effects were trippy, the choreography was pretty tight, but overall, this wasn't really dude. There was a flaming guitar, but that's just not enough to bolster the final rating.


Beyonce Knowles has powerful, but nice thighs, and legs.

3. Beyonce Knowles' Thigh Mass


Rick Santorum:  Politician, Conservative douche bag

Today Rick Santorum 'came out' to protest allowing gays into the Boy Scouts in any capacity, claiming to care about "family and moral values." Continuing to uphold a long Republican tradition of denying human rights for frivolous reasons out of political insecurity.


Is there a rating level for douche nozzle?


Douche Nozzle helps inject douche into a woman's vagina, cleaning it and maintaining feminine hygiene

1. Douche Nozzle

Just like February is a short month, it must be dude-recognized with a short DOND post.

Stay tuned for more dude action, more ratings levels, and more debates objectively settled from a weak Wi-Fi connection in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot for our next installment of DUDE OR NOT DUDE?

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