The Dunlop Guy

Off-brand, but on-target.

Low in cost, but highly effective.

A man who has built his own foundation on these strangely cooperative statements of opposition.

Get acquainted to the man who thrives on bargain sports equipment.

Say hello to "The Dunlop Guy."

He's a man of simple means, but sophisticated pleasures.

Just how do you pursue such expensive endeavors as Golf and Tennis at the finest of their facilities when you don't exactly have the disposable income to do so? You do as "The Dunlop Guy" does.

You buy Dunlop.

You buy Dunlop exclusively.

Fairway woods, Driving Irons, Putters, Pitching Wedges, Tennis Rackets, Footwear, and all-weather Radials.

These are the staples of an all-Dunlop diet.

In the mind of "The Dunlop Guy," if you're going to outfit, you're outfitting as only the most frugal among us would. He is entrenched in the pursuit of savings with the preservation of quality. A devotion to dirt-cheap. A dedication to Dunlop.

So what if he draws supercilious looks in the country club parking lot as he pulls his squishy Dunlop bag from the trunk of his Toyota Camry?

So what if the clubs that are "Taylor-made" for him can be found in the clearance aisle at the local Golfsmith?

And so what if his tennis racket doesn't quite have the resistivity of the Prince-wielding economic elite?

Just because he frequently purchases lower-quality gear at low retail prices doesn't mean the hero of this story is a slouch. He didn't get his hard-earned BA from Fairleigh-Dickinson in Finance, he got it in Savings.

Need to stretch a buck over 18 holes?

Need to skimp some change on your next ball sleeve?

Emulate "The Dunlop Guy."

Even though it may be the most clumsy two-syllable name in all of marketing, the Dunlopian brand more than makes up for this aesthetic awkwardness with value and thrift. So much so, that it has won over the wallet of "The Dunlop Guy."

When you purchase your sporting goods from a respected tire company, you know you're getting a great deal.

Just ask "The Dunlop Guy."

After all, he used to be a MacGregor Man.

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