The Jackknife

Tasteless Erotic Tale 1:

The Jackknife

A subtle breeze breached her cotton panties. It was mid-July and all she could think about was the baseball player that had left her for a woman half her age.

Although 44, men still shot her libido-catalyzing looks when she made appearances in public. She was independent, and in the opinion of most, had her life together. To top it off, she had recently had vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Her labia's were as taut as unspooled twine. But for some reason, this wasn't enough to continue to capture the interest of her minor league husband.

Jack Greisen had just been called up to the Major Leagues. After 12 years spent as a minor-league journeyman, Greisen had finally been invited to the Show. Even if the stint was short, and even if he was only used situationally, he had finally made it. Always considering himself a late bloomer, he knew that he'd finally arrive at this crowning achievement if he just kept grinding. This resolve helped him get there. And so did Meghan's large bosoms.

Having an above-average jawline to go with a live arm and looking good in compression shorts will tend get you noticed by older women sooner or later. In Jack's mind, they just seemed to go for that kind of stuff. In Jack's pants, he went for their kind of stuff too. There were two things that made his member throb. The perfectly located, late-breaking circle change, and a cougar who tucked her blouse into mom jeans.

Meghan first noticed Jack during his first stint with the Bowie Baysox. He was a middle reliever with dreams to one day be a dominant closer. Although he was slightly-above-average on the field, Meghan soon found out through her cougar hunting process that he was an unseen pornographic legend in the bedroom. He dominated her from both sides of the plate, and always had more in the tank if the intercourse went into extra innings. The transition to closer was much more seamless in this scenario.

For a span of 7 years, these two copulated more than all nearby species of fish, rabbit, and felidae combined. Jack was inside Meghan so often that the inside of her vagina began to smell like the inside of Jack's apartment.

Jack's routine was simple. Go to the ballpark, warm-up on the field and in the bullpen, occasionally make an appearance, shower after the game, and then grope and rhythmically penetrate Meghan until he was expected back at the field the following day.

A pretty simple life for Jack.

Eat. Drink. Play Baseball. Screw like a Czechoslovakian hooker. Then repeat.

As is true to every story of love and relationships, this one came to an end. The goal of this story is not to explain how this occurred, but to reprise and summarize what happened between the covers of both the book and the bedsheets. And the summary of their multiple instances of intercourse reads as follows:

Jack Greisen didn't beg like a child for her candy... he took her candy like a man. Then left town just like any other professional athlete.