The Ballad Of J.T. Snow: California Angel

This is the story of Jack Thomas Snow
Known by most as J.T.
TWID's man of the hour, and of this intro
The subject of this rhyming spree

Let's get to the salad of this ballad
Down and in between the leafy greens
Let's reminisce about J.T.'s life and times
Both on the field and behind the scenes

Ambiguous in the box as always

He's played with Salmon, Edmonds, and even Jim Abbot
He knew the large lefty Chuck Finley
Observing each and every good habit
While keeping his distance from Jason Grimsley

He learned spanish from Jorge Fabregas
And funny first name spellings from Darin Erstad
He participated in clubhouse hijinx with Chili Davis
And once hit the links with Troy Percival's dad

But what was even more compelling
Were things he did for the game on the field
Known for his exceptional defense and versatility
And his bat from both sides of the plate he'd wield

If death and taxes are for certain
Then so was an initial-laden moniker at first
From the Summer of '93 to the Summer of '96
The Anaheim infield is where J.T. showed for work

This isn't exactly a power ballad
Because J.T. also hit for average
Maybe not as well as Tony Gwynn
But a good 21 points better than Billy Ripken

Making it to the majors is tough
And doing it with grace is even harder
When you represent the entire state of California
It's really tough to keep up your ardor

But J.T. Snow played with passion
And he owned the first bag
Playing there all but two games in his career
16 years without a lag

There was the brief retirement in 2007
But he came back for more
One game in 2008
To oddly retire as a Giant

Forever more.

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