Restless leaves rustle in an Autumn Breeze
Sunshine selectively graces the yard
The wind is a silent messenger
Carrying detritus that has traveled from afar

The world keeps moving
Yet my gaze remains focused and still
The Grounds require proving
Today is the day I enforce my will

I own a 35 horsepower leaf blower
And I am not afraid to use it
I understand this manly privilege
I know not to abuse it
Today is Sunday
Just two hours until football
I saunter to the outdoors
Ready to windplow this lawn

I head to the shed
Requiring 60 feet of extension cord
I pull start my blower
And it offers up a deafening roar

Today I am a man
The lawn stands but a slim chance
It offers little resistance
As I man my turbo appliance

Within an hour the work is done
I conclude with a Fosters Oil Can
I set my feet as if cemented
And look into the morning sun

Once again man has conquered nature
One industrial trash bag of organic refuse at a time
The world is my belt buckle
And I am the man wearing the pants this time