The Walking Dead Fab Five

She was Rick's first kill in the Walking Dead season 1. She was a crawler. A zombie, and half eaten.

The most concise explanation of creativity is that it's the ability to combine two previously unrelated ideas into another idea

You can do this organically, or you can sell out and pluck two popular ideas and force their combination. 

Unfortunately I chose the latter, and combined The Walking Dead with March Madness. Selling out harder than I have in quite some time. But instead of uploading another bracket into your company's file server, I decided to save some bandwidth and create a dream team of Walking Dead characters. A group I have originally named "The Fab Five." 

I made this selection by whittling down from a world of limited characters. I looked at all of them, and decided (affiliations and attitudes aside) who would make the best group of walking dead warriors. The best equipped physically, the best equipped mentally, and those that are the safest bets based on their survival instincts. Putting those traits together to decide who are most fit to continue the fight against the Zombie apocalypse through this March Madness. 

Point Guard - Rick Grimes 
Who doesn't go a little crazy from time to time? And what kind of point guard doesn't wallow through his fair share of slumps leading up until the Tourney? After the conference tournament, Rick will have it together. He'll resurrect the sinking ship, and he'll have his One Shining Moment come April 8th. 

Shooting Guard - Michonne 
We've seen enough AMC product to know that Michonne is deadly from outside. She can slash to the basket with what we can now refer to as Samurai precision, and she has shown more than enough fortitude to easily withstand two fresh opponents each week. 

Small Forward - Daryl Dixon 

He does make this a small lineup, but that's where basketball is heading nowadays. He's another reliable shooter that can deal from anywhere on the court and he doesn't miss open shots. 

Power Forward - Merle Dixon 
Merle is the man that provides the grit and the grease. Not afraid to pull teeth, and not afraid to lose a few of his own. Having one hand shouldn't make any difference when he's pounding away on the low block. 

Center - The Governor 
He appears to be listed at 6'4", but since this is a post-apocalyptic world we're talking about, let's just assume all of the taller people have already died. The Governor is cold, calculating, and has not let his mutilated iris slow him down in transition. 

I expect this team to have no problem in Rounds 1 and 2, since they've been surviving for so long already. They'll hit the wall in the Sweet 16, but they've overcome tougher obstacles. Clearing the threat of danger from week to week has become instinctually habitual with this cast. 

There is no group that has been more battle tested, more beset with adversity, and ultimately more triumphant. Their resolve will continue to reveal until it's all dead and done.