TWID Tackles Instagram (Again)

It's everyone's favorite app to take pictures of food with! It's Instagram!

A few months prior, I offered up some filtered photos of the random things I've come across during my travels as a dude. Over the time that has passed since then, I've had opportunity enough to take additional less-than-picturesque pictures. And now, I have enough to put them together in a reflective piece that I'd like to call a Recrap.

Here is what I've been aiming my 5 megapixel phone camera at since September. 10 pictures that I actually have permission to post:

Fall here! Get your Fall here!

You can take Ford out of the campaign, but you can't take the campaign out of the... BMW

Yes, but does your Petting Zoo have a Goat Village?

Finally! A level parking lot!

If only Rick Moranis' fictional kids had this at their disposal

Meanwhile, back at the Petting Zoo, Patricia and Keith were engaging in Porkplay

Meanwhile, back at the loading dock, the moving truck was running on vegetable juice

For when you're exhausted from having to exhaust exhaust out of your exhaust


Another troller, low-ridin' through the high rises

Yep, this is all I could come up with over those last few months.

Guess I spent too much time out on the "Campaign Trail."

Anyway, stay tuned for the next installment, and remember to follow our hyperlinks... 

Hang Ten, Dude!