Dogs Winning Awards

Outstanding achievement is something worth commending. 

Here at TWID, we try to recognize O.A. whenever we can, and give credit where credit is dude. It doesn't matter if you are black, brown, white, or spotted. It makes no difference if you have a paralyzing phobia that doesn't allow you to share a room with a vacuum cleaner. When it's all said and done, an achievement is still an achievement, and it should be recognized. That's why we're dedicating this blog post to dogs today. Because when you have four legs and the decision-making skills of a 3 year old, it truly inspires others to think that "nothing is impossible."

So here's to the dogs that surpassed all obstacles both difficult and squirrel, and silenced the naysayers. To the thoroughbred pedigrees that humped the leg of society and were able to finish.

German Shepherd winning an award, has a tassle, or a hat, or crown. He's a good dog
Congratulations, Sigmund! And good luck in the field of Criminal Justice

This terrier makes his owner proud. Bringing home a blue ribbon award. Woof Woof.
The trials of University can be ruff, but Max came out a proud Baccalaureate, and a good boy!

German Shepherd brings home the gold and wears a graduation hat
And then there's Herschel, Summa Cum Pawde

This dog won two ribbons for best in show and for being a good doggy
One ribbon is for participation, the other is for record peanut butter cleanup time

This good doggy won 3 ribbons at a local contest
Suzanne will see your two ribbons and raise you a third

You may see this terrier serving you drinks someday, as Roger has become a licensed Barktender

Keeping his snout in the books and out of the butts is what got Clyde through Med School

Vinny: Nobel Laureate for his research on Milkbones

Winning a grand slam tastes about as sweet as canned meat, just ask Delilah

Thanks to Gabriel's well-placed wiretap, another totalitarian pound got shut down