TWID Tackles Instagram

20 years ago, many starving artists were also shitty photographers on the side.

Today, with Instagram, you don't need to be a starving artist to also be a shitty photographer; and Facebook thinks that's a great thing.

And since anyone can post accented digital depictions, why not us?

Without further adude, here are some of TWID's finest filtered contemperaries:

Go ahead and kiss your sister, this is NASCAR!

Probably picking up Bitches

What The Dog Saw
(yeah, we think dogs are pretty cool)

Impregnating the highway

Thanks for the heads up, Baltimore

One-stop Man Shop

We will all be wearing these in 2023

Canuck Cancer Sticks

Stamos screen saver

Toyota Pri'ii

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Toy Breed. Toy Car.

TWID's favorite cocktail:  a Screwdriver

Hopefully this has negatively impacted your intelligence quotient. We know it doesn't say much for ours.

We tried our best to promote the useful arts, but it looks like we'd be better served offering up useful farts. Sorry you had to experience this.

The final stage of the Mayan prophecy is complete.