Book In Review: Play Something Dancy

Before I started working at a strip club, I naively assumed that all strippers danced to Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, ACDC, or some other type of hair metal or butt rock. All of those bands had strippers in their videos, so it made perfect sense to me. Within my first week at the Doll House, I realized that I was sorely mistaken.

- Dee Simon, Play Something Dancy

As revealing as Strip Clubs can be, Dee Simon offers a perspective that reveals even more. An insight that comes from someone as close to the stripper as her g-string.

Dee Simon spent 5 years in the early 2000s as a Strip Club DJ, and the story he tells is uniquely captivating. The flow is set at the pace of a profound point per minute, explaining how the DJ can control many of the things you see on the stage - from their surprisingly interactive and symbiotic relationship with the dancer, to learning how to tactfully confront a stripper, all the way to breaking down the hierarchy of strip club commerce. With Play Something Dancy, it's as if there's an informant inside the club, and we've become privy to his priceless intel.

The memoir continues deeper, deeper than the cleavage on the cover, and solidifies this work as a mind-opening, comical, and thought-provoking read. Offering up information that explains nearly everything we have ever pondered while in between lap dances.

Play Something Dancy is a view of culture from within culture. An investigative chronicle from inside the belly of the lustful beast. A take on the trade of adult entertainment that you may have thought was just its ambient soundtrack.

When it comes to being Dude or Not Dude, this book is definitely Dude.

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