Need A Fantasy Football Team Name?

Here you go, Dude. We bequeath upon you our library of original Fantasy Football team names for you to choose.

We apologize that we couldn't also bequeath an algorithm that generates these things, but we did endow them with snazzy bold italics.

Illegal Touchers

Obscene Jesters

Moves Like Jager 

Dan Marino's Talented Spawn 

Richard Gere Is Here!

Styx and Stones 

The Lifetime Originals 

Exploding Bar Tabs 

Between The Hashtags 

Pabst Smear 

Meats and Cheeses 

19th Century Barbers

The Wilder Side of Laura Ingalls 

Sandusky And Friends (After School Special)

BAC To The Future

Inuit To Win It 

Nittany Lyin' 

Springsteen Candles

Chris Johnson Owes Me Money 

Some Rhymes Have All The Pun 


Peanut Butter and Smelly 

4th and Gestation

98 Degrees of Bieber Fever

Red, White, and Belligerent 

Dishonest Canadians

Broken Gnomes 

Kansas City Queefs 

Sorry, Thought This Was Fantasy Foosball 


Elton John Stamos

Drafted a Kicker Before Round 7