Playoff Predictions That Make Absolutely No Sense


TWID hasn't typed about football in a while.

That obviously means there is no better time to put on our expert hat and add another irrelevant Internet node devoted to playoff football.

Colts At Ravens, Sunday Jan. 6th, 1PM

If we break this down Mascotically, we find ourselves pitting a smart bird against a young horse. The horse is stronger, but the bird is much wiser. It's easy to fool a gelding, even before it has been gelded. Knowing this is knowing enough.

Ravens 26  Colts 20 - Billy Cundiff accidentally named Player Of The Game

Bengals At Texans, Saturday Jan. 5th, 4:30PM

Didn't we have this exact matchup in the same place last year? Unfortunately for the Texans history won't repeat itself, as their home turf won't be as "Reliant."

Bengals 24  Texans 17 - Arian Foster finally makes a noise at higher decibel than a Prius engine

Seahawks At Redskins, Sunday Jan. 6th, 4:30PM

Going up against RGIII at FedEx is like going up against the President of a popular Sorority while she's on her period. Forget about it.

Redskins 38  Seahawks 21 - Pete Carroll soars out of FedEx Field on the back of what appears to be the first ever sighting of a "Seahawk"  

Vikings At Packers, Saturday Jan. 5th, 8PM

If the Vikings do to the Packers what the Packers did to the Bears in the 2011 Playoffs, a barely finite amount of cheese curds will be hurled to the field. The world doesn't need to see this kind of unusual violence.

Packers 35  Vikings 17 - Adrian Peterson tears through his ACL like Christmas morning wrapping paper